We can offer vertical service including weaving, dyeing, finishing, and post-processing treatment. A group of management team, research and development department and sales with rich experience in textiles offers professional and efficient service to our customers.

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More than just making textiles, we specialize in developing fabrics that work for you.

APEX Textile have been trusted in textile industry over 10 years. Nowadays,we continue our commitment supplying advanced functional fabrics in the apparel application, such as outerwear, activewear, and athleisure markets around the world.

Our mission is simple. Our values are set. We develop the fabric of tomorrow driven by innovation, social responsibility and continuous improvement.

We make fabric perform.

APEX Labs is a leader in R&D of next generation textile technology.
Our team discovers and implements proprietary emerging technology, providing a stream of differentiated products.

Changing industry, weaving a better world.

We are solution-oriented and innovative, sustainable and ethical, global and diverse, trusted and collaborative. Our textile products are well-known in the textile industry with high quality and professional service, and impact everywhere.

Depth and breadth,that’s unexpected.

You don't have to look hard to find out solutions and distinguished threads and fabrics. We’re in your life, the jacket you bike, the pants you work out, the gear you carry, even the outerwear you need. Our products are everywhere you’d expect.

Live, work, play, on a higher level.

Innovative design. Strength. Reliability. Sustainability. These four core values will serve as a guideline as we press forward.
It’s not too much to ask for everything from a collection of companies with many years of collective textile leadership and innovation.
From premium stretch-technology in woven to next-generation solutions that regulate temperature, protect from the sun, and repel water, stains and insects.


“Be your partner for success.”
APEX sees its core values as the bonding force which helps build a vibrant, innovative culture that will leave an indelible impression on all our employees and partners. These three core values will serve as a guideline as we press forward.

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    We attach importance to maintaining the friendly relationship between customers. Mutual trust is the foundation of our company's sustainable operation. It is the highest goal for us to satisfy customers’ needs.

  • 02

    Proactiveness Service

    We are good at integrating global resources and motivating employees to cultivate innovative thinking to proffer customers with the best service.

  • 03

    Continuous Improvement

    The whole world is changing rapidly. Only by seeing farther than others can we create more possibilities and conquer the world.

  • 04

    Eco-friendly Vision

    As a practitioner of Eco-friendly textiles, we combine functional research and development technology to continue to be a pioneer in new markets.


APEX is a vertically integrated textile manufacturer which specializes in weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing process. We always learning not only continue to enhance the global competition but also co-create new value and business opportunities with customers and suppliers.

Learn More Textile
  • Woven Fabrics

    With productive experience of fabric manufacturing, APEX collect the latest information and trend from fibers, yarns, materials and colors to develop related production process and technologies, listening to customer’s needs and even leading the fabric trends.

  • Knitted Fabrics

    APEX Knitting department offer special technologies to produce variedkinds of knitting for customers. It also can be added functional valueby customized demands, as follows wicking, cooling or others high-tech performance.

  • Technology

    From premium stretch-technology in woven to next-generation solutions that regulate temperature, protect from the sun, and repel water, stains and insects, even anti-bacterial and virus, we’re redefining the world of textiles on every level.
    .PFC FREE DWR 80 / 50
    .High Stretch Fiber : X4zol-J Fiber
    .Plasma Finishing


APEX have been trusted in textile industry over 10 years. We continue commitment supplying functional fabrics around the world.


APEX was set up in Hang- Zhou, China.


APEX was set up office in Shanghai.


APEX joined Bluesign system partner and got the Bluesign Certificate.


APEX joined the Higg Index 3.0 from July 2016.


Set up Knits dyeing factory in Taiwan.


APEX upgraded 5 setting machines to improve exhaust gas control program, and joined Clean by Design.


APEX set up  factory in  Anhui , China, engaged in high-end apparel fabrics and decorative fabric production.