Our passion for what we do fuels the spirit of innovation runs through APEX Textiles. Innovation is a constant.Create & never stop advancing.

  • Due to Groups rich resources and numerous production sites, We provide better location choice and flexible products to customers .

    Group Resources and
    Multi-Production Sites

  • We attach importance to maintaining the friendly relationship between customers. Mutual trust is the foundation of our company's sustainable operation, that is the highest goal for us to satisfy customers’ needs.

    Proffer Better Brand
    Experience & Relationships

  • Our passion for what we do fuels the spirit of innovation that runs through APEX Textiles. Innovation is a constant. From design and development to implementation, we anticipate, creative and never stop advancing.

    Constant innovation
    with a future focus


Forward-thinking in perpetual motion
Innovation never stops at APEX Textiles. From our R&D Labs to the new ideas and concepts at setting industry standards,we offer the products,the capabilities and the insights that continue to redefine the textile industry.

Testing Equipment

Washing Colour Fastness

Snagging Resistance

Pilling Resistance

Water Resistance

Abrasion Resistance Test

Tearing Test

Water Vapor Transmission


We attach importance to maintaining friendly relationship
between customer. Mutual is the foundation of sustainable.

  • Sustainable Materials

    .Recycled PET, Recycled Nylon, Recycled Spandex
    .Bio-based Film, Biodegradable yarn
    .Ocean recycled yarn
    .X4zol-J Fiber

  • Eco-friendly Chemical

    .PFC-Free DWR 80/50

  • High Performance

    .Extreme Pilling
    .Strong Snagging
    .Abrasion resistant


As a leader in the field of research and development,we have capabilities and technologies that can provide a variety of opportunities.

Protect Layer

  • Bonding
  • Lamination
  • Soft-shell
  • Light weight and good Handle and Drape features
  • High durability
  • Wind stop
  • Resistant to bacteria and Virus
  • Thermal insulation
  • Ultraviolet (UV) resistant
  • Waterproof breathable

Thermal Layer

  • Classic Fleece
  • Texture
  • Power Stretch
  • Provide additional insulation
  • Transfer moisture
  • Dries quickly
  • Stretch and absorb
  • Higher warmth and thickness

Base Layer

  • Jersey
  • Double Knit
  • Absorbed
  • Odor
  • Quick drying
  • Soft touch
  • Stretchy comfortable
  • Abrasion and pilling resistance

Capability & Service

we endeavor to provide excellent products for customers by integrating the input of precise and fine equipment with efficient management service. Nowadays, our products have been sold to Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and other Asian countries. Apex will continue exploring the international market, as well as provide high functional and various fabrics for branding partners.

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Product Direction